Top 10 outdoor activities in Halkidiki

Top 10 outdoor activities in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is the ideal canvas for dozens of outdoor activities


The blessed nature of Halkidiki is the ideal canvas for dozens of outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless, making it difficult for you to choose. Which ones to include in the Top 10 of outdoor activities for a visitor wishing to combine mountains, sea, recreation, sports, and adventure?


Porto Koufo route

1]. Hiking in the footsteps of Aristotle and Halkidiki routes: There is nothing better than walking in the footsteps of our great Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, exactly where he got his ideas about life and man. The Aristotle Trail of 14km is only one of the Halkidiki routes (others being Mavrobara, and Porto Koufo), hidden amidst rich vegetation and nature’s aromas, leading to small, hidden paradise destinations.




Sani wetland, Kassandra

Sani wetland, Kassandra


2]. Bird watching in the Agios Mamas and Sani wetlands: Do you wish to discover the magical world of birds, as they take a carefree rest on Halkidiki calm waters? Then the wetlands of Agios Mamas and Sani are the ideal choices. Boasting over 215 bird species, many of which are rare or endangered, you will be enchanted by the spectacle of collared pratincoles, black-winged stilts, and impressive flamingoes.




3]. Golf at Porto Carras: Enjoy a luxurious golfing experience at the one and only course for this special sport in Northern Greece, located in the grounds of Porto Carras. In a calm natural environment, under the blue skies, and aiming at one of the 18 holes, one thing is for sure: you will definitely wish to return for yet another game.




4]. Scuba diving: In order to have an integrated experience of Halkidiki, you need to experience the refreshing powers of Halkidiki waters. What better way to do just that, than diving underwater, offering you a unique experience to discover another world? Choose among crystal-clear waters or dark underwater caves, sandy seabed, or steep peaks, but remain certain that the undersea world of Halkidiki will captivate you. There are over 20 locations in the entire region where you will have the chance to explore it in an organized manner, and with the help of experts.



Drenia are accessed only by boat

Drenia islets are accessed only by boat


5]. Onboard discoveries along the coastline, and a visit to Ammouliani: Rent a small vessel to wander on the blue sea, discover Drenia islets, and visit the only inhabited island of Halkidiki, Ammouliani, a small gem awaiting to be appraised.

Crossing dragoudeli with a mountain bike

Cycling route


6]. Bicycle tour of Mount Holomontas: The enchanting forest of Mount Holomontas is the perfect escape destination for those of you that wish to discover wildlife on two wheels, breathing in the fresh, mountain air.




Jeep adventure in Kassandra

Jeep adventure in Kassandra



7]. Off-road 4-wheel drive adventures: If your sense of adventure is heightened, explore Halkidiki off the beaten track, taking a 4-wheel off-road drive that will give you an adrenaline rush.




8]. Sea kayak in Vourvourou: Amidst one of the most idyllic landscapes of Halkidiki, where the skies, the sea and the vegetation seem to strike a secret deal, go on a sea kayak tour to get to know the area from a different angle.





Walking at Dragoudeli annual Crossing

Walking at Dragoudeli annual Crossing


9]. Annual crossing of Dragoudeli: The annual crossing of Dragoudeli, also known as Mt. Itamos, is an unforgettable experience taking place every October. You have a choice of seven hiking trails, a bicycle route, and a horse-riding route, all terminating at the village of Parthenonas. While hiking, look for Itamos, a 2,000-year-old tree, characterized today as a preserved nature monument.




10]. Paragliding: A breathtaking activity that will give you the chance to admire Halkidiki from up above, with an incomparable sense of freedom. Besides, do not forget that dreaming of flying was first expressed in Greece.

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