City of Thessaloniki

City of Thessaloniki

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is an ancient metropolis with 2400 years of history, bearing the name of the half-sister of Alexander's the Great. It is the capital city of Northern Greece and second largest city after Athens. With 104 monuments from Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish past and its modern history, 15 UNESCO heritage monuments and 30 museums, it's a melting pot of civilizations right on the Mediterranean coast; a vibrant city with character and soul, constantly buzzing with life, offering unforgettable local cuisine and unique cultural experiences!

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Thessaloniki has many stories to tell, starting by the moment of its foundation in 316/315 B.C. Fortunate to have royal “blood”, since the new city was named after Thessaloniki, sister of Alexander the Great and daughter of Philip II, King of Macedonia. It was developed rapidly -due to its prominent geographical location- as one of the most important ports, and economical and commercial centers of Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula as a whole, advantages maintained for the past 2300 years.

Undeniable witnesses of its long course over the years are its numerous monuments. Open and easily accessible to the public, live alongside its residents and tell interesting stories about different civilizations, religions, eras. We invite you to read the history of Thessaloniki so as to comprehend their significance, before you come across them, walking around the city, and to feel this uniqueness that makes Thessalonians so proud of their past.

Worth it to see:

  • The best way to experience Thessaloniki is by walking its charming neighborhoods!
  • Thessaloniki is a paradise of flavors and you will realize that from the very first walk around the city. It is consider to be the gastronomic capital of Greece! Don't miss visiting the food markets
  • Nights in Thessaloniki are an unforgettable experience! The most famous travel magazines and websites discovered one after another the nightlife of the city.
  • The city centre is the ultimate shopping paradise with hundreds of shops, malls, and department stores.
  • From the archaeological treasures of Macedonia, Byzantine heritage and contemporary art in photographic clicks, the Olympic Games and the Orient Express, the more than 30 museums in Thessaloniki containing within them the course, evolution and creativity of the city.
  • The amazing Greek Orthodx churches and other workship places of unique beauty!

Don’t miss it!

The unforgetable sunsets at the Thermaic gulf overseeing mountain Olympus!

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