Taxiarchis village

Taxiarchis village

Distance from the airport → 58,5km


Taxiarchis is built on two hillsides to the west and southeast, it lies between four natural springs: Sipotoura, the Upper, the Lower Spring and Iho. The village is widely known for its mushrooms, a variety of “egg apples” and other local products such as beans and the Holomontas potatoes.


Also, the women’s community produces homemade products such as jams, spoon sweets, local liqueurs and brushwood from Holomontas!

In recent years, fir tree cultivation has rapidly developed, to meet demands for Christmas trees. Here, you will find the University Forest of Taxiarchis -a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest - home to amazing flora and fauna.


Moreover, the Holomontas area which surrounds Taxiarchis is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. There are some traditional guesthouses, open all year round which offers both a pleasant and comfortable stay for all visitors.

Taxiarchis presents tourist interest all year round. There is and constantly developing the infrastructure for the hospitality of the visitors in traditional houses and guesthouses, with all the comforts. The marking of old footpaths, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, hunting and game farming, climbing and climbing as well as the famous taverns in the area are increasingly attracting the interest of many visitors.

Worth it to see:

  • The religious Museum which is hosted in the church of Archangel Michael.
  • The town’s square, known as “horostasi”, a dancing place where local gathered all together, the old days. At the central square, there is also a war memorial, a community store, the elementary school, and the local health center.

Don’t miss it!

The mushroom festival, during mid-autumn; when the local women collect fresh mushrooms from Mt. Holomontas fry them and then bake delicious mushroom pies.


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