Stratoni village

Stratoni village

Distance from the airport → 91,1km


Stratoni is a seaside village built in the Ierissos bay and has more than 1.200 residents. It was founded in the late 19th century and is directly related to the mining activity in the area.


The rich mixed sulfide ore deposits, discovered since ancient times and Byzantine era, were the main resources of the village. Since then, many people from Stratoni and from many other parts of Greece came to work in the mines.

The population greatly increased due to the arrival of refugees coming after the Asia Minor disaster. In 1932, the village suffered extensive damage from the earthquake with an epicenter in Ierissos bay. It was totally reconstructed in the next few years. The region was inhabited since ancient times and the mining activity in Stratoni and the nearby villages started in approximately 600 B.C. The 1962 excavations showed that Stratoni was built where the ancient Stratoniki was. Claudius Ptolemy mentions this city but places it by mistake in Siggitikos bay.

Worth it to see:

  • The ancient war memorial from the 1st century B.C, which was found in the region. It has impressive statues, tomb, and vessels. The Museum of Polygyros has two of the most outstanding statues, a man and a woman, which is called the “Lady of Stratoni”.

Don’t miss it!

The fascinating cultural events that taking place, the Carnival festival
and the St Varvara’s feast, early in December which last five days.


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