Stagira village

Stagira village

Distance from the airport → 80km


The village of Stagira is built on the foot of mountain Stratoniko (Strebenikos) at an altitude of 500m., on the main road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupoli, and has approximately 500 residents.


Its older name was Kazantzi Machala and it belonged to Mademochoria. Residents worked in the mines during the Byzantine era and the Ottoman rule.

By entering Stagira you will see the temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, which is of great archaeological importance, was built in 1814 with the support from the Hilandariou monastery of Mount Athos, and is one of the very few with a cruciform style. It is worth seeing the inside so ask a priest to let you in.


Additionally, the park of Aristotle is in the entrance of the village and the hill of St. Dimitrios is on the left, with the complex of Sidirokafsia built in the early Ottoman rule. Sidirokafsia was the headquarters of the mine and an important administrative center of the area, with its own mint. There are also other interesting monuments, such as the towers, the public baths and the house of Madem Agas from the era of Sidirokafsia.

Worth it to see:

  • The unique Aristotle’s park which located in an outstanding area within a view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the peninsula of Athos. The theme park is dedicated to the great philosopher and his work called “The Natural”.
  • The fortress complex, where there are only three partly ruined towers as well as the ruins of the public bath that Ishak Pasha constructed in the 15th century.
  • The central temple dedicated to the “Birthday of the Virgin Mary”, built in 1814. Also interesting is the small chapel dedicated to the “Virgin Mary the Spilotissa” built in rock.

Don’t miss it!

Take an amazing hike connecting Aristotle's park with the archaeological site of Ancient Stagira,
the birthplace of the great philosopher. It's an 14klm long route.


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