Protocol for Arrivals in Greece

Protocol for Arrivals in Greece

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

[Updated, January 19th, 2021]

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a key element in the planning. All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 24 hours before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece.

The mandatory completion of the PLF by all passengers of international arrivals to Greece is into effect as of June 27 and is valid until further notice.

Land border arrivals from Bulgaria are allowed through Promachonas border station. Entry from other border stations with Bulgaria is allowed for essential travel. With regards to Albania, North Macedonia and Turkey entry is allowed for essential travel. All travelers entering the Promachonas border station are obliged to submit a negative molecular test which has been contacted at least 72 hours before their arrival.

You can find the form in English, German and French here.

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