Possidi village

Possidi village

Distance from the airport → 92,1km


Possidi village got its name in the honor of the God “Poseidon” and it is also known that there is a headland on the western side of the peninsula which was called as Poseidonio and that area belonged to ancient Mendi.


In Possidi, at the tip of a small peninsula jetting out into the west and where the remaining of the Temple of Poseidon is located, the horizon streches into the distance, offering views of the highest mountain in Greece, Olympus mounatin.


It's a seasonal settlement with a range of nice hotels and guest houses as well as beach bars, small typical tavernas and ouzo bars to taste fresh seafood and drink special homemade wine.


Locals says that there is an imaginery line that connects Kryopigi (on the east coast) to Possidi (on the west). When you cross it, heading south, you enter a different place.

Worth it to see:

  • The ruins of the ancient sanctuary dedicated to God “Poseidon”.
  • The lighthouse, the only building at the edge of the Possidi cape, built in 1863 while gazing the view. Don't forget to take some photos!

Don’t miss it!

Watch the sunset from Possidi Cape as it follows a rose-colored downward trajecotory
beginning from Pelion and ending as it disapears behind Mount Olympus!


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