Polygyros village

Polygyros village

Distance from the airport → 52,6km


Polygyros is the capital city of Halkidiki which lies in the center of the wide region, built on the southern slopes of Mt. Holomontas.


History says that Polygyros is dated back since Byzantine times while its name has different references; one of them claims that is due to the endless surrounding hills. Polygyros as one of the most popular places has a range of hotels, guesthouses and rooms to rent, tavernas, restaurants and bars. All in all, it provides visitors with all the necessary facilities.

Worth it to see:

  • The well-known park of Exi Vrises! There is a nice restaurant and a café nearby to take a break.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros having various exhibits from the entire Halkidiki such as Olynthos or Potidea.
  • The Folk Life Museum at Karaganis Mansion.
  • Some of the most prominent churches: The Church of Metamorfosi, a Byzantine church, the Church of St. Demetrios, built in 1871, the Country Church of Prophitis Elias and the Church of Saint Modestos.
  • The best place of panoramic view, called “Tsoukalas”
  • The ancient town of Apollonia on the southwest side from Polygyros where ruins of the ancient castle are on display.
  • Stop for lunch or dinner, in the most traditional taverna in the center of Polygyros, to taste the most delicious Greek food.

Don’t miss it!

The events and festivals that take place
during the “Cultural” August in Polygyros.


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