Geographical diversity, long history & Mount Olympus!

Pieria combines golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking mountains, natural beauty and of course history! Some of the most interesting archaeological sites are the Neolithic settlement of Makrygialos, the ancient & Byzantine Pydna and the most important, the famed Dion the holy city of the ancient Macedonians, an archaeological site of international repute. Explore the archaeological park, stroll among the finds and visit the museum.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the home of the 12 Greek Gods according to Greek mythology! It dominates the landscape and promises you a divine experience. It is famous for the wide variety of plants, with several endemic species. Follow the carefully organized routes and explore its diverse flora, fauna and natural beauty protected by UNESCO.

Pieria is the land of the nine Muses and the Olympian Gods. The Prefecture is situated among Olympus, the mountains of Pieria and the coasts of Thermaikos Gulf.

From almost 500m up, you will enjoy the view of the Thermaic Gulf, you will stroll around the virtually car-free streets and you will notice the unique Macedonian stone architecture. The Village of Paleos Panteleimonas is your starting point for mountain bikes activities, hiking and a journey into Greek tradition and gastronomy.

An extended coastal area known as Plaka Litochorou is located east of the town of Litochoro, spreading from the foot of Olympus to the Thermaic Gulf and extending from Leptokarya in the south to Gritsa in the north. Sandy beaches with seaside resorts as well as hotels, campsites, restaurants, and beach bars attract every year thousands of tourists.

Worth it to see:

  • The great Archaeological Site of Dion, the Ancient Leivithra and the Castle of Platamonas, are some of the sites that are worth visiting and getting to know the unknown aspects of Mt Olympus and its foothills, where great monuments of culture and nature are located..
  • The impressive Frankish Platamon Castle, is one of the most beautiful and landscaped castles in Greece. It was built in a key strategic site, in the foothills of Mount Olympus, with a panoramic view to the Aegean Sea.
  • Take a walk arοund the mountain villages of Pieria and taste local specialties, herbs, spices and vegetable seasonings.
  • Against the backdrop of Mount Olympus and the castle of Platamonas, vast vineyards thrive in the unique climate offered by the mountain and the sea.
    Visit the area and discover some of the varieties of Greek wine of Northern Greece, and don’t forget to take a bottle back home with you.

Don’t miss it!

After your morning deep sea dives, let’s enjoy a traditional Greek coffee or some tsipouro, the Greek distilled spirit, with meze food, under the plane trees!

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