Paleochora village

Paleochora village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 57km-From Polygyros → 18km

The residential planning of Paleochora still preserves traditional features and the houses are spread around the square with the age old plane tree.

Stores and cafes are also located there. Palaiochori is built at 550 meters high and has more than 1.500 residents.Its roots go back centuries and it is not randomly situated near the Neposi castle. Coins, pottery and shells have been occasionally found in the wider area, as well as ruins from fortifications and tombs. The exact date of the foundation of the village is not known.

Worth it to see:

  • The country church of “Prophet Elias”, at an idyllic site surrounded by pine-trees and the church of St George, unique in its construction.
  • The house of the folk artist and teacher Demetrios Tsiotras, in the center of the village, with an exclusive Folk Art Exhibition.
  • The watermill of Demetrios Delis beside the waterfall, northern of the village.

✓ Don’t miss it
Visit the picturesque villages: “Riza”, “Geroplatanos”, “Krimni” & “Marathousa”.

  • Riza, where stands out the prominent basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin.
  • Geroplatanos, where an over 700 years old plane-tree called “Platanos”, stands out in the center of the village.
  • Krimni, which hosts the Country Church of Agia Paraskevi, in a stunning landscape full of plane-trees and chestnuts.
  • Marathousa, where there’s the Country Church of Virgin Mary and the Monument of 1944.

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