Ouranoupolis village

Ouranoupolis village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 139km-From Polygyros → 64km

During the day, the activities give unique opportunities for swimming or fishing at exotic beaches across Ouranoupoli,

on the small isles, which can be visited either by renting a small boat (which you don't need a license) or join one of the daily tours.

There are boats which daily set off from the harbor for the Mount Athos cruise. Diving, sea sports, cars and motorbikes for rent are being at the disposal of the visitors. It's a pleasant, friendly place with a lively center and some excellent tavernas, hotels and guesthouses.

Ouranoupolis, a village built by refugees just after 1924 whose land was owned by the Vatopediou Monastery as early as 1018, known as Prosforion; after 1946 it changed into Ouranoupolis to commemorate the ancient city which once stood nearby.

It absolutely worth it to see:

  • The “Prosforios” Tower, the symbol of Ouranoupolis, an impressive Byzantine tower, built in 1344.
  • The Frangocastro (Frankish Castle or Monastery of Zygos) and the Guardhouse of Mount Athos.
  • It is a must! Make a cruise by boat around Mount Athos while visiting the Drenia islands: a collection of uninhabited rocks, a real paradise of lonely coves and golden beaches.

✓ Don’t miss it!
Spending Easter holidays in Ouranoupoli is a great experience as you can «jump into» the Greek tradition and its customs.

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