Olympiada village

Olympiada village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 91km - From Polygyros → 66km

As the legend says, the village of Olympiada has its name on the honor of Alexander’s the Great mother!

The scenic village, located on the north-eastern coast of Halkidiki, on the road to the Athos peninsula, is surrounded by lush, green mountains and an appealing coastline. Nearby, the Ancient Stagira, a place of great archeological interest, is popular as it is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Today’s village, built alongside a beautiful beach, stretches in a bay of a natural harbor. It is surrounded by green mountains and magnificent beaches that attract a lot of visitors.

Also, worth it to see:

  • The private island of Kapros (or Kafkanas), opposite Olympiada, where behind port there are traces and ruins of a small settlement, claimed to be an old church
  • The amazing Varvara’s waterfalls located between Olympiada and the picturesque mountainous village Varvara.

✓ Don’t miss it!
- Each year, on 7th of July, plenty of amusing cultural events take place in Olympiada; the old feast “Aristotelia” is one of the most interesting.
- Hike and mountain bike in the area is highly recommended.


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