Neochori village

Neochori village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 84,4km - From Polygyros → 43,1km

Turks called it “Yenikoy,” while Slavs called it “Novoselo” which both mean “new village”. The oldest evidence of the village’s existence goes back to 1640, with evidence found inside a monastery at Mount Athos.

Neochori is part of the “Mademochoria”, a group of 12 villages which were required to provide workers for the operation of the mine. Although Neochori was very active during the revolution in 1821, nowadays its residents are occupied with logging, animal breeding, agriculture and mining, with red beans (barbounofasoula) being the main export.

The largest and most important church is the one of St. George located on the hill and has a fountain and an outer yard that hosts all the major religious events.

Don't miss:

  • The great celebration that takes place on St. Athanasios day, January 8th since 1820.
  • The very important chapel of Prophet Elias is located on the northeastern side, in the forest just outside the settlement where the famous festival takes place on Prophet Elias day.

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