Nea Fokea village

Nea Fokea village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 77km-From Polygyros → 44km

Nea Fokea is home to some very important historical monuments, and a couple of things you don't see much in Halkidiki: for one, it has the tall, rectangular, cut stone,

Byzantine-era St. Paul's Tower standing on a hill, overlooking the sea and the harbor, and secondly, it has Saint's Paul Church.

This area was a part of the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) but was given as a gift to Greek refugees who migrated from Turkey to Halkidiki at 1922.

Nowadays, the village is a small tourist resort with a picturesque harbor, many typical tavernas along the seaside and some cafes where one can seize the great view towards the sea.

Worth it to see:

✓Don’t miss it!
The traditional festival on June 29th which is a celebration for the name day of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul.

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