Metagitsi village

Metagitsi village

Distance from the airport → 96km

Built at an altitude of 150m, Metagitsi offers spectacular views of Mount Athos. It's a quiet traditional village with stone-houses and it's famous for its local taverns. All food served in Metagitsi is cooked with locally produced ingredients.


The village is built above an ancient city called Assa, one of the most important cities of Halkidiki. Metagkitsi got its name from the phrase "μελαινα γη" which refers to the reddish soil found in the area and the "transfusion" of the populations that were saved in the surrounding areas after the Rpmanies destroyed the present village.

Metagitsi can easily satisfy both mountain lovers and sea lovers as the closest beach is in olny 4kl range. One unforgettable walking route which will give the visitors the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of North Sithonia is the barrier of Havrias River. The starting point is Agia Kyriaki and its end the position Desi.


The first beach of Metagitsi is Sta Vathia with an unprecedented sense of freshwater as there cast out underground water veins. Shortly after we meet the Kokala, a beach with steep rocks and cliffs that cause awe to its visitors.

Worth it to see:

  • Have lunch or dinner to one of its famous traditional taverns serving fresh and locally produced Greek food.
  • 3-day local feast on July 20th at Prophet Elias chapple.

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