Loutra village

Loutra village

Distance from the airport → 108km


Loutra‘s natural beauty boasts rocky shores and crystal clear turquoise waters; the ideal combination of adventure and relaxation.

From the bowels of the mountain emerge the medicinal thermal springs. For centuries, the unique composition of therapeutic properties of the springs has helped heal people’s bodily ailments.


The austere beauty of the landscape, the labyrinthine caves in the rocky mountains, the pine trees touching the sea, Loutra is a composition of unmatched harmony with nature. The modern Spa was founded in this traditional village, and its therapeutic properties are well known for treating people of all ages.


Loutra's charming harbor, very close to the thermal springs, is great for an evening stroll and a meal, especially fresh seafood.

You will find restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea. Residents who reside all year round in Loutra engage in activities such as fishing, beekeeping, growing and harvesting olives, and tourism. The settlement was named after the natural hot springs “Loutra” and is famous for its rare combination of therapeutic properties.

Rock climbing:

Do you love climbing? Halkidiki has to offer an interesting rock climbing area for routes up to 5c and from 6a to 6c (french grades). For rock climbing, abseiling and great bouldering right above the sea, head to Loutra on a climbing journey that will take you as high as 100 meters.

Don’t miss it!

Visit the famous natural thermal springs next to the village of Loutra,
at a slight elevation with a magnificent view.


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