Greek breakfast of Halkidiki

Greek breakfast of Halkidiki

Halkidiki is proud to be part of the Greek Breakfast, an initiation of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which utilizes and
connects the cultural – gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek hotel business.

The philosophy is that hotels around Greece can build their own traditional Greek breakfasts based on food products cultivated locally.
Breakfast is the ideal way to introduce visitors to local Greek food and products.
Our guests have the chance to taste the gastronomic heritage of Halkidiki while supporting the local producers.

The aim of the “Greek Breakfast” program is to give Greek hotel guests the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of our country and taste at breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is not just a modern dietary trend but is according to UNESCO the “intangible cultural heritage of mankind”.

The main products of the Mediterranean diet such as the bread, the rusks, the olive oil, the olives, the yoghurt, the honey, the cheese products, the cured meats, the fresh vegetables, the legumes, the pies, the sweets and the fresh fruit form the basis of Greek breakfast.

Don’t miss it!

Enjoy a taste of local culinary tradition that, not only travels your senses, but inspires discovery of Halkidiki's cultural heritage, local products and fruits of the earth!

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