Local feasts

Local feasts

Almost every village in Halkidiki celebrate their natural bounty with feasts: in Nikiti for honey, in Nea Moudania for sardines, in Metaggitsi for olive oil, in Taxiarchis for mushrooms, in Porto Koufo for tuna, in Olympiada for mussels, Raki (tsipouro) in Vrastama.

These "panigiria" -as the locals call them- are usually a combination of party, church fair and relegious celebration where the locals eirther are celebrating on the occasion of the name day of the saint or just express their thanks to the saints that grant them protection.

Every religious celebration or local feast in Halkidiki would be incomplete without the special tastes 'imposed' by tradition. During the feasts, the locals treat the guests with local delights and -of course- wine.


Join the greatest fair of Halkidiki and one of the most important in Greece, the fair of Agios Mamas at the begining of Septemer!

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