Lakoma village

Lakoma village

Distance from the airport → 23,7km

Situated just 30 km from Thessaloniki, the semi-mountainous village of Lakkoma, perched at the foot of the mountain of Halkidiki, is known for its traditional off-white building stone. Additionally, it offers visitors tranquillity, and invites them to go up to the Byzantine chapel of Profitis Ilias, on top of the hill, to gaze at the breathtaking views.


Lakkoma has more than 1.000 residents. It is an industrial and agricultural areaThe village runs an Artisanal Ecological Park that generates bio-fuel. It has a cultural association and holds theatre and cinema clubs. The village also owns a folklore museum, a permanent photograph exhibition and a library.

The inhabitants of the village come almost exclusively from the refugees from the Efxinon Ponto (Black Sea) and Thrace. They came in the area after the Asia Minor Catastrophe within the framework of the Population Exchange in 1923. They are mostly engaged with agriculture.


The traditional product of the area is the white stone, used mostly for building. It is known as the “Lakkoma Stone”. Τhe byzantine chapel of the Elias Prophet is remarkable and is located on a hill offering a panoramic view. The chapel is characterized by the neat disposition of the outdoor area which was built of the traditional white stone.

Worth it to see:

  • One of the major events of the village is the famous “Lakkomatiotika”. This event takes place every year on the 15th of August.  It is a local feast that combines traditional music and dancing with the so called “forgotten” tastes coming from the memorable/unforgettable homelands and the ancestors of the first refugees.

Don’t miss it!

On the top of a hill nearby, lies the Prophet’s Elias chapel, which dates to the Byzantine period. It has a yard with stone sculptures, made from the semi-white rock that the region produces.


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