Krouna Tower

Krouna Tower

The Krouna Tower is located approximately 1km of Ierissos and it’s one of the most important sights in the area.
It’s preserved almost in full height (12m).

The Tower was a dependency, surrounded by a wall, which has almost collapsed. It is estimated that it was built in the 15th century and it is named after the many crows which have their nests there (kourouna+crown).

Moreover, the property is referenced as a dependency of Korouna in Ottoman reports of the 15th century and belonged to the Hilandariou monastery until 1542. Then, the monastery periodically lost ownership of the dependency until 1719, when it was purchased among other properties in the area. It was sold and repurchased at least twice.

In 1765, it was recorded as “destroyed dependency Korona of the Hilandariou monastery”. Some attempts of repairing it took place until 1821, when the tower was burnt and the dependency was abandoned. Other buildings such as a house, a barn and stables also existed outside the tower.

During the 19th century, the dependency still belonged in the properties of the Hilandariou monastery. Nowadays, the tower is 12m in height. It is said that it had an additional floor that collapsed. Many sources refer to it with its full name, Tower of Krouna of Hilandariou monastery.

The monument belongs to the jurisdiction of the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. You can only see the outside of it (there is signage on the main road outside Ierissos).


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