Kalandra village

Kalandra village

Distance from the airport → 90,6km


Kalandra is simply a traditional village, dated back to 14th century; history says that it was related to the Hilandariou Monastery of Mt. Athos.

The village lies close to the popular site of ancient Mendi, another one of Eretrians’ colonies.

Kalandra village is known as a place where various cultural and entertaining manifestations take place throughout the year. Some of these are dancing performances, theatrical performances and various exhibitions, to mention a few.

Kalandra also features a couple of religious structures from different periods, and has a close proximity to an exceptional Posidi beach.

Worth it to see:

  • The ruins of the ancient city of Mendi, which gets more and more popular thanks to its special, launched wine.
  • The country chapel of Panagia, Virgin Mary, on the west side of the village; It is the only church in Halkidiki which has its preserved frescoes (1619) on display.
  • The biggest church of Kalandra “Assumption”, built in 1900, according to the basilica style that has great architectural interest.

Don’t miss it!

The local feasts, on the 15th and 23rd of August,
when local people celebrate in the honor of Virgin Mary.


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