Ierissos village

Ierissos village

Distance from the airport → 102km


Ierissos is the oldest and largest village and the capital of the Municipality of Aristotle. It stands on the site of ancient Akanthos, a colony of settlers from Andros, and was first inhabited in prehistoric times.

Today's settlement was built from the ground up, since the fatal earthquake on 1932. Excavations proved that today's city is built on top of the ancient cemetery of Akranthos.


Modern Ierissos is a well-organized resort and an ideal destination for unforgettable holidays.

Just 1km to the northwest, you can see the impressive tower of Krouna standing there since the 15th century!

Ierissos is an important harbour of Nothern Greece with a remarkable fishing fleet. The residents were considered to be great shipbuilders, carrying on an ancient craft from generation to generation. The shipyards of Ierissos were some of the most significant in Greece with famous shipbuilders. You will notice the old "karnagia" -as they call them next- when you drive from Ierissos to Nea Roda.

Worth it to see:

  • The ruins of the castle and the Byzantine church: The only visible trace of Akanthos, excavated on the east side of the Acropolis and the Tower of Krouna, located approximately 2km west of Ierissos.
  • The dependency (metochion) of the Life-Bearing Spring, which belongs to the Monastery of Hiliandary.
  • The aquarium constructed in 2005, where visitors can see a variety of fish and shellfish and the huge tank containing seawater continually renewed by a special pump connected to the sea.
  • The unique Amphitheatre and the Cultural Center where lots of exhibitions of great cultural interest, take place.

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