Historical-Folklore museum of Arnea

Historical-Folklore museum of Arnea

The Folklore Museum of Arnea is housed in the building known as the Yiatradiko, one of the oldest listed buildings in Halkidiki (1750-1755).

It is a two-storey structure, built in the Macedonian style with a tower and projecting balcony.

The ground floor has an exhibition of agricultural artifacts, photographs from the period 1880-1950, various items used in the daily lives of the local people, as well as implements used in beekeeping, building, baking, etc.

The mezzanine floor houses a collection of carpenter's tools and items from the traditional coffee house.

On the upper floor, the visitor can inspect a loom and various pieces of equipment used in weaving, as well as an old fireman's pump, local costumes, weights, a brazier, washing boards, etc.

There is also a special room which recreates a traditional Arnea domestic interior.

It is divided into 12 sections and a great focus has been given to the photographic material from life in the village. The residents of Arnaia mainly, have offered the hardware and the tools. Some of those are bread utensils, tubs, agricultural and beekeeping tools, the first radio brought here in 1941, coffee kits, carpenter tools, the famous textiles of Arnaia, utensils etc.

The visit won't be complete without a visit to the Weaving Museum of Arnea!

Worth it to see:

  • The first radio which was brought here in 1941!
  • Arnea fire-engine, which is 200 years old and based on the force-pump invented by Ktesibios (285-220 BC). Its basic operating principle is the piston, and it consists of bronze receptacles fitted with two pistons, between which the water runs through and is stored in the receptacles.

Visiting information:

Opening days: Daily [except THURSDAY] | Hours: 10.00am-18.00pm
Tickets: General entry - Both museums 2/per person
Groups 1/per person
Children up to 5 years old/guide/disabled people/culture cart holders FREE


For more information, please contact the Municipal Community of Arnea: +30 23723.50130.


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