Halkidiki Routes

Halkidiki Routes

Halkidiki Tourism Organization is developing a network of walking routes all around the region,

aiming to promote adventure and hiking tourism to new markets, raise awareness on environmental protection and at the same time, stimulate local involvement.

Route at Central Halkidiki

Route at Central Halkidiki

Halkidiki is the 4th most popular destination in Greece and the top destination in Blue Flags (89), the last 2 years now. Halkidiki is one of the best-kept secrets in Greece, located in Northern Greece, a dreamland leisure destination. With 550klm of coastline, more than 1.000 beaches, 12 regions protected by the Natura network and 3 scenic peninsulas -cosmopolitan Kassandra, natural Sithonia and authentic Athos - where each one, offers different experiences in just one destination! Halkidiki has a place for everyone!

Halkidiki is blessed with lush green forests that reach right down to the beach. Still, the region stands for much more than beaches. Halkidiki is also home to many earthly paradises for those who love mountains. Paths for mountain biking and hiking walks around the peninsulas on woodland tracks and along coastal pathways, off-road adventures to remote areas.

Come along and discover the perfect escape destination for travellers who want to explore nature!

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For more information, you can follow the link: Halkidiki Routes

NOTE: This year (2019), we will introduce 3 new walking routes:
1]. Mavrobara route: circular route | distance: 3,2 klm | duration: 1 h | difficulty level: Easy.
2]. Porto Koufo route: circular route | distance: 4 klm | duration: 1 h & 20 min | difficulty level: Easy to medium.
3]. Aristotle's route: non-circular route | distance: 14 klm | duration: 3 h & 30 min | difficulty level: medium to hard.

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