Folklore Parthenon Museum

Folklore Parthenon Museum

In the very heart of the traditional settlement of Parthenon, the museum is housed in a beautiful stone building built in 1908 that was used to be the old elementary school of Parthenon.

Visitors will get acquainted with the tradition and the history of this lovely community through a series of photographs - dating back to the beginning of the 20th century - and also, agricultural tools and other objects representative of that time.

Its room of the museum represents a different stage of the people's everyday lives as it used to be. School, history, tradition, religion, social and economic life are just some of the thematic rooms.

Contact details:
Parthenon Cultural Association

Worth it to see:

  • The traditional settlement of Parthenonas built on the slopes of Mt. Dragoudelis (Itamos), the main mountain of Sithonia in the altitude of 350 meters.
  • An annual one-day event, "the crossing of Dragoudeli" where local people and tourists are walking and riding through Mt. Itamos only to end up in the village where participants are given local treats and tsipouro.

Visiting hours: 

09:00 -14:00
Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED


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