Cultural Center of Ierissos

Cultural Center of Ierissos

The Cultural Center of Ierissos is housed in an impressive building in the centre of Ierissos and is a centre for the promotion of the Athonite heritage and the promotion of the Mount Athos area with the use of modern technology.

There are 3 high-resolution videos that are screening in the 3D movie theatre:

  • Angels are the light for monks, 29' | created by Dimitris Kalaitzis Greece 2019 [Greek & English subtitles, Greek & Russian subtitles]
  • Seaworld, 21' | created by Doulderis-Vorinos 2009 [Musical]
  • Mount Athos, 29' | created by Doulderis-Vorinos 2006 [Serbian, Bulgarian, German & Russian translation].
3D movie theatre programme

3D movie theatre programme

Worth to see:

  • The retrospective art exhibition: Mount Athos for all by Efthymios Walsamis. The exhibition is dedicated to the profoundly mystical character of the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos. In the gallery on the right there are realistic depictions of the monasteries of Mount Athos, illuminated in such a way as to highlight the spirituality which is everywhere present on the Holy Mountain. The visitor feels as if they are walking amongst the monasteries themselves. The central gallery is dominated by the compositions depicting churches with the Virgin Mary or an angel and the impressive interior of the Monastery of Great Lavra. The gallery on the left presents: 1) typical
    dependencies of the monasteries, i.e. sketes, kellia and monastery harbours; 2) a
    series of pictures with a modern artistic approach encapsulating the essential
    features of Athos in bold outlines reminiscent of the Byzantine style and vividcolours; 3) a closed room containing ‘The Supplications of the Monks’, a scenic installation that combines painting, lighting and the singing of psalms, in which the visitor can experience the mystical and penitential atmosphere of the Athonite ‘Paraklesis’ services.

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