A culinary experience in Sithonia

A culinary experience in Sithonia

Gastronomy is the best way to experience a destination!

 Visit a cottage farm in Kalives and see how a Halkidiki farmer’s household functions.

Start the experience with an ice cold refreshing welcome drink while you listen to stories from the local area and get introduced to the family of the house. Get dressed in appropriate beekeeping suits to go and visit the beehives and explore the magic bee life! Remove a comb from the hive and learn how to extract the honey in a traditional way. What’s next? It’s time for some locally produced honey tasting as well as to freshen up with a homemade lemonade with honey from the farm. In the meantime, you can enjoy the chickens and rabbits at the farm or walk around in the orchard and pick some fresh biological fruits from the trees.

Next, collect all goodies to create an amazing picnic in an olive grove nearby. This will be a real-life experience as the picnic contains food items from a typical farmer’s summer day menu (a freshly made pie, eggs, Greek salad, ouzo – all the products from local farms). Enjoy the bites and the scenery, while listening to interesting stories about the history of olives, legends, cultivation process and how olive oil is produced. What is a better way to conclude this presentation? Taste the local olives and olive oil with some fresh bread and get introduced to the famous ‘papara’ custom. Guest will be led by escorts that will share stories and traditions around Greek food and culture and help them feel the essence of Greek philoxenia (hospitality).


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