Agios Prodromos village

Agios Prodromos village

Distance from the airport → 43 km


Agios Prodromos, it’s a small mountainous village on the road towards Arnea, Ouranoupolis, and Mt. Athos, close enough to Thessaloniki.

It’s super popular about the local meat, especially for its "souvlaki" that is exclusively produced in the village.

There are plenty of traditional tavernas where visitors can taste the best-grilled meat and all kind of delicious Greek food.

Story of the famous souvlaki:

As the local people say, the art of souvlaki has a long history and is passed down from generation to generation.

The reason for this success and the formula for their souvlaki is a well-kept secret!  Be that as it may, we know that the proper combination of locally produced meat (the local population that aren't running a tavern or involved in tourism, are farmers) and an appropriate extent of flavors cooked in a special way make it, one of a kind.

Worth it to see:

  • The river crosses the village and is surrounded by wild vegetation.
  • The chapel of St. Prodromos which is one of the late Byzantine churches in Halkidiki and gives its name to the village.
  • Try also, the traditional sweets, bread, and honey.

Don’t miss it!

The feast in the chapel of Aghios (saint) Prodromos on 28-29 August, in which for years now thousands of faithful visitors have been gathering from all the villages around, but also from Thessaloniki. On the eve of St. Prodromos day, there is a Service of Vespers; on Aghios (saint) Prodromos name-day (29/8) there is a Holy Liturgy followed by kourbani with lenten food.


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