Safety Advices for Visitors in Halkidiki

Safety Advices for Visitors in Halkidiki


[Latest update: Aug, 17th 2020]

Halkidiki's utmost priority is the health and safety of all people (residents and international travellers) at all times. Greek authorities are carefully monitoring, and continuously adapting our response protocols to align with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) so that the region can continue to successfully contain outbreak risk and welcome visitors in a health first environment.

 All partners and stakeholders in Halkidiki are following the best practices as advised by our Greek National Health Organization and are updating their safety precautions.

In Halkidiki, all services are open, including the shops, markets, shopping centres, pharmacies, banks, post offices, hairdressers and beauty salons. Cafes, beach bars and restaurants are open but until August 31st 2020 there is a ban on standing customers in all night centres (bars, clubs, live music centres, bar-restaurants, café-bars etc.).  Also, from 11th to 23d of August, night centres will be open until midnight in Halkidiki. The staff are required to wear a mask or face covering, while customers are encouraged to wear a mask.

Open-air archaeological sites such as Ancient Stagira, Ancient Olynthus, Aristotle's Park are open to the public along with the museums. Social distancing measures and restrictions will apply.

Keep in mind that there is the mandatory use of a face mask in all interior spaces such as public transport, taxis, hospitals, elevators, and while visiting public services such as supermarkets, hairdressers, malls and other retail spaces.

But besides all health measures and precautions taken, you still need to keep yourself safe during your travels, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). You have to:

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