12 reasons to visit Halkidiki!

12 reasons to visit Halkidiki!

  1. Ease of access

You can get to Halkidiki easily, a short 2,5-hour flight can get you to the most enchanting destination of Northern Greece – Halkidiki, where all safety protocols are kept, in order for you to enjoy your holidays without a care in the world!


  1. Map of Halkidiki

    Map of Halkidiki

    Three destinations in one!


Halkidiki is so much more than just a destination: it is three destinations in one! Explore the cosmopolitan Kassandra peninsula, discover the purity of nature in Sithonia, and take an internal spiritual trip in Mount Athos, all in one summer!



  1. Mount Athos, the one and only!

Mount Athos monastery

Mount Athos monastery


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Athos remains a source of spirituality and a location of pure, rare natural beauty that takes your breath no matter how many times you visit. It is a religious community with 1.000 years old monasteries, cells in caves or between the rocks, towers, domes, belfries, chants, etc



  1. The definition of summer!

Everything included in everyone’s sense of summer, can all be found here! With 1,000 beaches, most of them with shallow waters, so that you can enjoy carefree moments at the beach, and clear, warm waters, Halkidiki is the No.1 Blue Flag destination in Greece, inviting you, and challenging you, to discover each and every one of its beaches!


  1. In the heart of tradition

Parthenonas - traditional village

Parthenonas - traditional village


When it comes to picturesque villages that you admire on a post card, well, they are all here to be found! Traditional architecture, images of stunningly beautiful greenery all around, and the pure sounds of nature are here to welcome you to Nikiti, Athitos, Parthenonas, and the other traditional villages worth visiting again and again.

  1. Exotic beach at Ammouliani island

    Exotic beach at Ammouliani island

    A blue heaven

Ammouliani; the pinnacle of your holidays! Its white light, fine sand, and crystal turquoise waters will enchant you, besiege you, and revive you every summer, filling you with images that you love to cherish every winter.



  1. Bon appetit!

Table reserved just for you!

Table reserved just for you!


...You will hear this a lot, because in Halkidiki, you will become a gourmet eater! Each meal is a feast of local produce and fine ingredients, coming from the blessed land and sea of Halkidiki: its world-renowned honey, the high-quality dairy products, the refined wines, and of course the fresh fish and shellfish fished daily from its waters.



  1. Its exuberant and warm people

Here, warm hospitality embraces you from the very first moment. Greeting you with a smile, and always in the mood to help and serve, the people of Halkidiki are full with positive vibes. Those are the people that will remember your name, treat you to the land’s goodies, and will be happy to introduce you to everything beauty their land has to offer, every summer.


  1. A scuba diver in the blue waters of Halkidiki

    Scuba diving in Halkidiki

    At sea… but differently!


The charm of Halkidiki fully unfolds… beneath its crystal-clear waters! Immerse yourself into the magic of the underwater world, with destinations fit for divers of all levels, and discover a diving destination full of stunning and amazing images of the underwater life.



  1. In the footsteps of Aristotle

    View from Ancient Stagira

    View from Ancient Stagira


Start your journey in history, going thousands of years back in time, and having Aristotle, born and raised in Halkidiki, as your guide! Learn about the thoughts and visions of the ancient Greek philosopher, in Ancient Stagira, and the park named after him, Aristotle Park.




  1. Short escapes

    Drenia island

    Drenia island


What if all you wish for is a short escape? The picturesque isles of Drenia and Diaporos are there for you. The little gems of Halkidiki, with their crystal-clear, almost otherworldly waters and their soft sand, will steal your heart forever!



  1. A nature explorer...

Holomontas mountain

Holomontas mountain


...you will sure become one if you take just one hike in Halkidiki’s abundantly green forests! The NATURA 2000 European Network protects these rarely beautiful forests that boast amazing hike trails, ideal for hikers that want to enjoy both the greenery and the panoramic vistas from the top of the hills.

Don’t miss it!

Wherever they are staying, don’t miss the opportunity to start hopping to the other peninsulas and discover this multifaceted destination. It feels like island hopping, with your car!


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