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East Coast




  • Stanos village

    Stanos village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 82,8km - From Polygyros → 38,4km 8 kilometres away from Arnea, you’ll stumble upon this wonderful village called Stanos....

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  • Stratoniki village

    Stratoniki village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 111km - From Polygyros → 63km Stratoniki village is built on mountain Stratoniko, offering a view to Ierissos bay and Athos peninsula....

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  • Stratoni village

    Stratoni village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 111km- From Polygyros → 63km Stratoni village was founded in the late 19th century and is directly related to the mining activity in the area....

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  • Neochori village

    Neochori village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 84,4km - From Polygyros → 43,1km Turks called it “Yenikoy,” while Slavs called it “Novoselo” which both mean “new village”. The oldest evidence of the village’s existence goes back to 1640, with evidence found inside a monastery at Mount Athos....

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