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My Ammouliani | Tips by #TheLocals


I was lucky enough that my father was from Ammouliani, the small island located
between the second and third peninsula of Halkidiki, just opposite Mount Athos. Because every summer, at the beginning of June and once school was over, the whole family got in the car and we headed there, for another unique summer full of adventure and
magical moments!

Ferry at Tripiti port

Ferry at Tripiti port

As soon as we got on the boat from Tripiti to Ammouliani, the sea breeze took away all our worries. We were heading towards our paradise, where time stopped, where the only things we cared about were playing hide-and-seek and football, eating spoon sweets made from our grandma under the blossomed bougainvillaeas of the square.

Megali Ammos beach

Megali Ammos beach

The scenery hasn't changed much today. Swimming at the magnificent sandy beaches of Alykes, Megali Ammos and Karagatsia in the deep blue waters, the excursions with the boat to Drenia where we enjoy snorkelling in the crystal clear water and discover the treasures of the sea is part of our daily routine.

Drenia are accessed only by boat

Drenia islets

As I grow older, time in Halkidiki seems to go by faster than when I was a kid. Luckily though, the mild weather conditions give all of us -the Halkidiki lovers- the opportunity to stay at this magical place until the end of October: summer here lasts for 6 months!
A paradise, indeed.

by Dimitris Ganitis | Project Manager at TCB


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