My favourite places in Halkidiki | #TheLocals

My favourite places in Halkidiki | Tips by #TheLocals

In my mind, Halkidiki will always be connected to the carefreeness of vacation and
personal freedom and growth
. It is a place that never stops offering remarkable
of joy in natural surroundings of unparalleled beauty.


The beauty of Halkidiki is indeed addictive! My personal favorite is Paliouri and specifically, St Georgios’ beach. Although you need to climb down a steep narrow path to gain access to the beach, it is totally worth it.

Clear blue waters and large round stones, located at the “tip” of the Kassandra
peninsula, with the whole Aegean Sea lying in front of you. A visit to St Georgios’ beach can perfectly be combined with a visit to the cosmopolitan Chrousso beach, a luscious meal, an art exhibition in Porto Valitsa or even with the purchase of
top quality blossom honey.

Let’s not forget that Paliouri is named after the Paliurus spina-christi plant or “Tsali”, as known to most of us, which bees love. A rare variety of blossom honey, worth tasting should you find it.

Drenia - Ammouliani Island

I absolutely love this small chain of six islands called Drenia, located between Ouranoupoli and Ammouliani. We usually rent a small motorboat from Tripiti and visit our very own “Blue Lagoon”. Emerald waters, golden sandy beaches,
a paradise on earth.

Karidi beach

However, the one place I hold closer to my heart is Karidi beach, in Vourvourou, Sithonia. It is the place where I learned how to swim. I vividly remember throwing a coin in the water and diving to get it. The water there is so clear that the coin was
always visible
, no matter the depth. It is the place I visit every October for one last swim before winter comes.

For us living in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is a blessed place, and we feel lucky to be living so close to it and be able to enjoy it anytime!


By Argyro Barata | Designer of Creative Experiences



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