Halkidiki, an incredible diving destination | #TheLocals

Halkidiki, an incredible diving destination | #TheLocals

With rocky or sandy scenery, crystal clear waters and warm water temperatures, the greater part of the coastline of Halkidiki is ideal for diving.

Diving in Halkidiki offers unique diving experiences, with a great abundance of reefs, walls and caverns, making diving here one of the most interesting diving experiences in the region of the Mediterranean.

Blue octopus in Halkidiki


The waters of Halkidiki are home to a few shipwrecks, some warships wrecks and plane wrecks, which in total might not be enough to cover the demands divers; nevertheless, there is a series of several coordinated efforts to sink ships so as for new artificial reefs to be created in the near future.


The calmness and clarity of the waters, the excellent visibility and the lack of
dangerous fish
or other organisms create the best conditions both for first time divers
and beginners. Of course, experienced divers can choose among a plethora of
challenging dive sites


More than 25 diving centres reside or operate via branches in Halkidiki,
the majority of whom carry a long experience in the field.

Professional, qualified diving staff are trained to teach all levels, from beginners
to instructor courses
or dive guide those interested to visit the area’s dive sites. All
diving centres are licensed by the port authorities and offer services according to internationally-recognised diving standards.

Diving centres are scattered throughout Halkidiki so it is certain that you can find one close by to where you stay. There is absolutely no need to bring your own diving
equipment since all diving centres provide all you might need.


You can dive in Halkidiki throughout most of the year. However, the most popular time to dive is between May and October, with July and August being the busiest months
during which the water temperature may reach up to 32oC.

Dive sites in Halkidiki truly offer something for everyone, making diving in Halkidiki
an experience that will last a lifetime

By Kostas Katsioulis | Director Of Field Services at
Northern Greece Underwater Explorers (NGUE)



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