• Krimni village

    Krimni village

    Sometimes it’s mentioned as Krimni, other times as Grimia or Gremiani....

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  • Stanos village

    Stanos village

    8 kilometres away from Arnea, you’ll stumble upon this wonderful village called Stanos....

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  • Marathoussa village

    Marathoussa village

    Marathoussa is in the northern part of the Municipality of Polygyros. The main occupations of the few residents are agriculture and livestock farming....

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  • Geroplatanos village

    Geroplatanos village

    Geroplatanos got its name from the perennial plane tree (Platanus orientalis), which is 20m high, has a 15 m perimeter and is located in the main square of the village....

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  • Doumpia village

    Doumpia village

    Imagine being surrounded by oak trees, watermills, and the sound of water running through a spring......

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  • Paleochori village

    Paleochori village

    As part of the municipality of Arnea, Paleochori is situated between Neochori and Megali Panagia....

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  • Metagitsi village

    Metagitsi village

    For the residents of Metagitsi, their lives revolve around agriculture and livestock....

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  • Neochori village

    Neochori village

    Turks called it “Yenikoy,” while Slavs called it “Novoselo” which both mean “new village”. The oldest evidence of the village’s existence goes back to 1640, with evidence found inside a monastery at Mount Athos....

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  • Sana village

    Sana village

    Next, to Doumpia, you’ll find a small village called Sana. 17km far from Poligiros, Sana’s inhabitants are mainly engaged in livestock farming and, to a lesser extent, in tobacco growing and cereal cultivation....

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