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The land of Halkidiki is famous for its fruitful soil as well as the variety of its natural scenery. It's trully an intoxicating combination of blue and green!

The west coast is rich in picturesque plants, while the center and the east region count three beautiful mountains, Holomontas, Itamos and Athos. While in the mountainous part in Central Halkidiki, do not miss visiting the University Forest of Taxiarchis, a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest, home to amazing flora and fauna.

Furthermore, Halkidiki’s three peninsulas dive into the Aegean Sea offering a coastline of about 550 km – the longest one in Greece and on the same time, test your survival skills on Halkidiki’s isles or discover Ammouliani island, a tine Northen gemstone and the only populated island in Halkidiki.

When exploring the amazing natural environment do not miss out on the world famous Petralona Cave, as well as the wetlands along with the 12 regions protected by the Natura newtwork.


  • Tigani & Pontiki

    Tigani & Pontiki

    From Tripiti or from the island “Ammouliani” you can reach these two small islands by boat and enjoy their picturesque beaches....

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  • Natura 2000

    Natura 2000

    Natura 2000 is the centerpiece of EU nature & biodiversity policy. The network aims to assure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats. It is comprised of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and also incorporates Special Protection Areas (SPAs). The protected areas of Natural Beauty and Biodiversity, by the Natura European Network, located in Halkidiki Continue Reading...

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  • Geological shapes | Rocks on the beach

    Geological shapes | Rocks on the beach

    There is a long rocky coastline on the east side of Sithonia, interrupted by small enclaves of well hidden sandy beaches thus creating an astonishing natural environment especially when explored by boat. (f.e. Kriaristi beach, Kavourotrypes beach – Sarti)....

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  • Mountain Stratoniko

    Mountain Stratoniko

    The Stratoniko Mountain is located above the village Stagira, Aristotle's birthplace. The place is full of astonishing oak groves, tall and old beech trees, chestnut trees and numerous other representatives of the thick flora. Sparkling fresh waters quench the thirst of the lumberjacks, and refresh the thousands of mountaineers who enliven the mountain paths. Wildlife features an abundance of wild Continue Reading...

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  • Varvara waterfalls

    Varvara waterfalls

    Between the villages Varvara and Olympiada, one can find the waterfalls of Varvara. It consists of two waterfalls 15m. high, in a forest full of Itamos trees. The beautiful landscape is really worth a visit....

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  • Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

    Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

    The mountain range of Itamos is the biggest one in Sithonia. In the central forest zone, close to the mountain top, there are some rare old Itamos trees, a unique flora variety - the mountain was named after them. You can reach the top by car, via the hamlet of Parthenon village. The forest offers special trails ideal for walking Continue Reading...

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  • Livari lagoon

    Livari lagoon

    Vourvourou is well known for its dense pine forest, the enchanting beaches with clear turquoise waters and the nine scattered picturesque islets. Here lies Livari, a beautiful lagoon which is delimited from the adjacent navy-blue sea by an elongated sandy beach with pine-trees. The whole area is a protected due to the significant flora and fauna....

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  • Agia Paraskevi thermal springs

    Agia Paraskevi thermal springs

    One of the most traditional villages of the region, Agia Paraskevi is famous for its thermal springs and their therapeutic qualities. The residents revived the village, creating an elegant spa destination offering modern facilities, located in a lush pine forest. The springs, which were discovered accidentally, have important therapeutic qualities due to the water's special chemical composition. More information here: Continue Reading...

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  • Mavrobara Lake (Turtle lake)

    Mavrobara Lake (Turtle lake)

    The Lake Mavrobara is widely known for its ecological interest and is located 3km west of Polychrono, in a big forest area full of pine-trees. The lake shelters two rare species of water turtles in danger of extinction (Emys orbicularis and Mauremys caspica), which find refuge here. Small benches placed at the area, allow you to enjoy conveniently this land Continue Reading...

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