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Trip Ideas



  • The Krouna Tower

    The Krouna Tower

    The Krouna Tower is located approximately 1km of Ierissos and it’s one of the most...

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  • The Tower of Galatista

    The Tower of Galatista

    Almost at the center of the little village of Galatista stand this imposing tower which...

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  • The tower of Mariana

    The tower of Mariana

    The tower of Olynthos, also known as the Tower of Mariana, is located just two...

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  • Byzantine Tower in Nea Fokea

    Byzantine Tower in Nea Fokea

    In the village of Nea Fokea stands what is perhaps the best preserved of all...

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  • Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    The Tower of Stavronikitas, also known as Tower of Sani dates from 1543 and was...

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  • Mount Athos

    Mount Athos

    Mount Athos is the mountain and the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki. An UNESCO World Heritage...

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  • Mountain Stratoniko

    Mountain Stratoniko

    The Stratoniko Mountain is located above the village Stagira, Aristotle's birthplace. The place is full...

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  • Varvara waterfalls

    Varvara waterfalls

    Between the villages Varvara and Olympiada, one can find the waterfalls of Varvara. It consists...

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