Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros is the most important archaelogical Museum in Halkidiki located in "Heroon" square in the city center. The Museum hosts a ide collection of archaeological findings from the entire prefecture of Halkidiki. Findings cover the period from the Bronze Age to the Roman period and come from Ancient Stagira,  Ancient Toroni, Pirgadikia, Afitos, Polygyros, Ierissos, Stratoni and the ancient city of Olynthos.

Exhibits include clay figurines and coins from Olynthos, vases from Toroni, parts of the roof of the temple of Zeus Ammon from Kallithea, reliquary chests, fisherman's equipment, lamps, jewels and amphorae from Akanthos, now the town of Ierissos, and funerary steles and the statue of a woman from the 1st century BC, from the sanctuary of a deified hero, from Stratoni.

The museum is temporarily closed.


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