Central Halkidiki



Central Halkidiki




  • Krimni village

    Krimni village

    Sometimes it’s mentioned as Krimni, other times as Grimia or Gremiani....

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  • Marathoussa village

    Marathoussa village

    Marathoussa is in the northern part of the Municipality of Polygyros. The main occupations of the few residents are agriculture and livestock farming....

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  • Geroplatanos village

    Geroplatanos village

    Geroplatanos got its name from the perennial plane tree (Platanus orientalis), which is 20m high, has a 15 m perimeter and is located in the main square of the village....

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  • Doumpia village

    Doumpia village

    Imagine being surrounded by oak trees, watermills, and the sound of water running through a spring......

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  • Paleochori village

    Paleochori village

    As part of the municipality of Arnea, Paleochori is situated between Neochori and Megali Panagia....

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  • Sana village

    Sana village

    Next, to Doumpia, you’ll find a small village called Sana. 17km far from Poligiros, Sana’s inhabitants are mainly engaged in livestock farming and, to a lesser extent, in tobacco growing and cereal cultivation....

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  • Polygyros village

    Polygyros village

    Location: From Thessaloniki- 61km Polygyros is the capital city of Halkidiki which lies in the center of the wide region, built on the southern slopes of Mt. Holomontas....

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  • Taxiarchis village

    Taxiarchis village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 67km - From Polygyros → 16km Taxiarchis is widely known for its mushrooms, a variety of “egg apples” and other local products such as beans and the Holomontas potatoes....

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  • Arnea village

    Arnea village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 73km- From Polygyros → 35km Arnea combines Halkidiki's traditional past with a vibrant present!...

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